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Awards and Financial Aid

Government Assistance Programs

Government Assistance Programs

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

The OSAP program provides eligible students with various types of assistance, based on financial need. This assistance is intended to supplement, not replace, the resources of students and their families. Students must achieve satisfactory academic progress in their studies to remain eligible for OSAP funding. To apply for OSAP or obtain detailed information on available OSAP funding, please visit the OSAP website.

Ontario's Student Access Guarantee

Ontario's Student Access Guarantee states that no qualified Ontario student should be prevented from attending our publicly-assisted colleges and universities because of a lack of financial support programs.

Ontario’s Student Access Guarantee “ensures postsecondary students in financial need have financial aid to cover the cost of their tuition, books and other mandatory fees.”  For further information on the Student Access Guarantee, please visit the OSAP website.


Students from provinces other than Ontario must apply for government student aid through their home province. Links to other provincial student loan programs are available on the Student Awards & Financial Aid website.

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